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Food Safety / Hygiene

Proprietors of food businesses must ensure that food handlers engaged in the food business are trained, instructed and/or supervised in issues of food hygiene. These courses provide the necessary food hygiene knowledge to meet this requirement and are suitable for food handlers and supervisors.

The courses described below are CIEH accredited and provide nationally recognised qualifications for the food industry.

Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene

The Foundation Certificate in Food Hygiene is a first level course incorporating fundamental food hygiene knowledge for all food handlers. The programme covers a defined syllabus. Candidates are assessed by objective tests of 30 multi-choice questions. Topics covered are:

  • Food Poisoning
  • Bacteriology
  • Prevention of contamination and food poisoning
  • Personal Hygiene
  • Premises, Equipment and pest control
  • Cleaning and disinfection
  • Legislation

Intermediate Food Safety

The intermediate level course is designed for those working in all food businesses at supervisory level. This includes supervisors and team leaders, but also anyone who needs a broad understanding of food hygiene as part of their work. Successful completion of the course and examination will enable candidates to:

  • play an active part in monitoring food hygiene standards
  • be involved in training activities, especially on the job training
  • be equipped to effectively supervise food handlers on hygiene issues
  • be able to carry out hygiene audits
  • encourage good standards of personal hygiene
  • be able to assist in hazard analysis programmes
  • help in the formulation and writing of hygiene policies, instructions etc.

Intermediate Certificate in Hazard Analysis Principles and Practice

One of the main objectives of the Hazard Analysis: Principles and Practice training programme is to assist proprietors of food businesses to operate more safely and meet the requirements of current legislation by introducing a rational and realistic system of analysis. Among those who would benefit from this training programme are proprietors, supervisors, team leaders and trainers.

It is strongly recommended that prospective candidates have previously successfully completed the CIEH Intermediate Food Hygiene Certificate Course or equivalent. Successful completion of the programme will enable delegates to:

  • play an active part in the design of hazard analysis systems
  • take responsibility for all, or elements of, hazard analysis systems depending on the size, nature and complexity of the business
  • manage the monitoring of controls and their periodic review
  • assist in the formulation of more effective work practices
  • identify the need for further advice and guidance in specialised food industry sectors or processes
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