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Practical training for Cornish Business

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Forklift operations

ATVs and Off-road Vehicles

ATVs and off-highway vehicles are essential tools for many land based businesses. To use them effectively and safely, it is essential that operators are adequately trained. The courses available are suitable for users in a wide range of work environments. Training for recreational off-road driving is also available.

ATVs (Quad Bikes)


Experienced (3 years) – including implements and loads

Topics covered are:

  • Use of manufacturer’s handbook
  • Protective clothing
  • Transmissions and Drives
  • Controls and Instruments
  • Daily Checks/Re-Fuelling
  • Start/stop procedure
  • Steering
  • Emergency Stop
  • Risk Assessment/Route Planning
  • Failed Hill Climb techniques
  • Ascent/Descent/Traversing
  • Complex riding situations
  • Limits of towing trailers/implements
  • Loading capacities
  • Causes of accidents/how to prevent them
  • Daily Checks on all equipment
  • Loading of racks/hitching up trailers
  • Assessment of riding/hitching/loading.

Off-road (4 x 4s)

Professional off-highway driving

  • Vehicle knowledge
  • Emergency procedures, including jacking
  • Pre-start checks and vehicle preparation
  • Correct move-off and driving procedures
  • Use of 4-wheel drive and other traction aids
  • Vehicle positioning and route planning
  • Driving in a variety of off-road situations
  • Checks prior to returning to the road.

Recreational off-highway driving

  • Principles of off-road driving
  • Recognising safe environments for off-road vehicles
  • Assessing ground conditions and route against own driving ability
  • Safety checks and maintenance
  • Driving in a variety of typical off-road conditions, including slopes, mud, water and obstacles
  • The dangers of certain manoeuvres and why they should not be attempted.
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