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Practical training for Cornish Business

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Forklift operations

Tractors, Industrial and Off-road Vehicles

Tractors, lift trucks and off-highway vehicles are essential tools for many businesses. To use them effectively and safely, it is essential that operators are adequately trained. The courses available are suitable for users in a wide range of industries and work environments. Training for recreational off-road driving is also available.

Tractor driving

Complete beginner

Basic tractor driving (agricultural and compacts)

  • Personal safety
    • Personal protective equipment
    • Mounting and dismounting
    • Machine knowledge
    • Use of manufacturer's handbook
    • Safe stop procedure
  • Observation
    • All-round checks
    • Direction of travel
  • General safety
    • Pre-start checks
    • Controls and instrumentation
    • Use of handbrake
    • Move-off procedure
    • Use of gears and speed
    • Manoeuvring
  • Hitching
    • Use of fixed attachments (if applicable)
    • Correct procedure using the pick-up hitch
    • Correct procedure using the drawbar
    • 3-point linkage and hydraulics
    • Safety
  • PTO operation (not for 13-16 year-olds)
    • Correct fitting procedures
    • Guarding
    • Knowledge
  • Travelling
    • Manoeuvring with trailed implements
    • Manoeuvring with mounted implements
  • General
    • Safety
    • Security of loads
    • Legislation

Tractors on slopes

As above, plus:

  • Slope assessment
    • Grip test
    • Evaluation of angle of slope
    • Evaluation of machine in use
    • Safety

Front end loader

  • Attaching a mounted front-end loader
  • Attaching a bucket, muck fork, pallet forks, etc. to the loader (as appropriate)
  • Using the loader correctly and organising working area for efficient operations
  • Leaving unattached implements in a safe state

Tractor-mounted hedge trimmer


Lift trucks - Industrial Masted, Rough Terrain masted / telescopic

Complete beginner

Novices (some experience)

Experienced operators

Corrective training and reassessment

Topics covered are:

  • Starting and stopping
    • Visual checks and maintenance
    • Mounting and dismounting
    • Controls and instruments
    • Start and move off
    • Safe stopping and parking
  • Operating
    • Stability
    • Load centres
    • Rating and derating
  • General driving
    • Use of controls and instruments
    • All-round observation
    • Acceleration and braking
    • Positioning, turning and straightening
    • Rear end swing
    • Hydraulic controls
    • Use of handbrake
    • Use of horn
    • Ramps and hills
  • Pallet work
    • Positioning truck
    • Use of lift and tilt boom
    • Positioning fork
    • Use of controls and instruments
    • Use of handbrake
    • Driving with pallet
    • Stacking and destacking
    • Loading and checking vehicles
    • Side shift and swing in
    • Undercutting
  • Bulk materials
    • Changing attachments
    • Stability and positioning
    • Use of horn
    • Use of lift and tilt boom
    • Loading high-sided vehicles
    • Use of traction aids for driving on rough terrain
  • Legal requirements.

ATVs (Quad Bikes)


Experienced (3 years) – including implements and loads

Topics covered are:

  • Use of manufacturer’s handbook
  • Protective clothing
  • Transmissions and Drives
  • Controls and Instruments
  • Daily Checks/Re-Fuelling
  • Start/stop procedure
  • Steering
  • Emergency Stop
  • Risk Assessment/Route Planning
  • Failed Hill Climb techniques
  • Ascent/Descent/Traversing
  • Complex riding situations
  • Limits of towing trailers/implements
  • Loading capacities
  • Causes of accidents/how to prevent them
  • Daily Checks on all equipment
  • Loading of racks/hitching up trailers
  • Assessment of riding/hitching/loading.

Off-road (4 x 4s)

Professional off-highway driving

  • Vehicle knowledge
  • Emergency procedures, including jacking
  • Pre-start checks and vehicle preparation
  • Correct move-off and driving procedures
  • Use of 4-wheel drive and other traction aids
  • Vehicle positioning and route planning
  • Driving in a variety of off-road situations
  • Checks prior to returning to the road.

Recreational off-highway driving

  • Principles of off-road driving
  • Recognising safe environments for off-road vehicles
  • Assessing ground conditions and route against own driving ability
  • Safety checks and maintenance
  • Driving in a variety of typical off-road conditions, including slopes, mud, water and obstacles
  • The dangers of certain manoeuvres and why they should not be attempted.
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